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Palm Harbor Web Design has over a decade of experience in the website design and development industry working in all phases of design and internet marketing. Our work is not only responsive, retina-ready and standards-compliant, but our sites provide great user experience and each one is carefully crafted to achieve your goals. We’re not just a team that can provide high-quality work, consider us your web partners.

Custom web designs, online advertising and search engine optimization. Effective internet marketing and web design solutions in Palm Harbor Florida. Featuring, our unique small business advertising concepts, and services. We work with you to get customers to open the door because they are blown away by the look of your site and the impression it makes in those vital first few seconds. More window shoppers will become converted clients when your website more accurately reflects the credibility of your business through visual attractiveness combined with clear navigation and meaningful content.

Our custom web designs combine effective, SEO and page performance. This ensures a visual appeal and higher search rankings in Google. From simple web design to entire online reputation management is available.

Welcome to Our Florida Design Team

We want to welcome Karissa to the team as our Junior web designer. She comes highly recommended after her brief stint at Web Design Orlando and now graces our little paradise town of Palm Harbor.  Welcome, Karissa!


Why should you hire our team as your trusted web designers & SEO experts? You’re here.. because our website is easy to find! Which is what you want for your sites. We accomplish our success, thanks to the best white hat, search engine optimization.

Sure we may be small, but our methods have helped outrank most of our competitors. That is because our team creates powerful websites! Not just a site that “looks pretty!” Combine that, with our SEO subscriptions to achieve a Page One ranking in Google. Angelik Web Design offers the area’s best rates on search engine optimization.

Despite the many creative sales pitches and solicitations. You need proven results! Compare the quality of SEO from Angelik Web Design to any of our local competitors. The truth is if they can’t properly optimize their own site… why expect anything better. With us, you are guaranteed to have a performance-driven & 100% optimized website. Request your free consultation today from one of our experienced website designers.


Need custom web designs to help boost your local small business advertising campaigns to success. Angelik Web Design in Palm Harbor Florida has been creating highly optimized and performance driven websites for several years. Our team understands and integrates the latest in search engine optimization and small business advertising strategy. Depend on us for affordable and effective custom web designs. Our website content writers use the latest trends in creating each page to rank higher in the major search results such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What is search engine optimization and why is it so important for local small business advertising?

In short, no matter how visually appealing your new website maybe, if it does not rank, it’s worthless! Search engine optimization is the process to integrate the ranking factors into each page of your website. Benchmarks designated by Google and other sources must be met in order to earn a higher rank.

These include Meta tags, Title tags, Image tags, Keyword Density, Social Media and High-Quality Backlinks. Once you’ve got your on-page SEO in place, you must also focus on key elements of off-page optimization. Remember, patience is key since earning a better ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing takes time and effort. Our custom web designers use a proven formula for search engine optimization. Don’t forget our recommended resources for website performance monitoring to improve page load speed.

Angelik Web Design offers affordable rates and proven results in search engine optimization help. Results won’t show overnight so don’t wait, contact us to discuss our local advertising solutions and cost-effective campaign management. We also feature affordable solutions for delivering high quality, guaranteed visitors and backlinks to any website. Contact our team for creating custom web designs.

WordPress Design in Palm Harbor Florida

At Palm Harbor Web Design we build beautiful, highly-functional, scalable and responsive websites using the power of WordPress as a platform. WordPress is an open-source content management system that has evolved into one of the most popular website publishing systems in the world.

Many people aren’t aware, but WordPress is not just for blogs! With its extensive theme and plugin directory, WordPress can be tailored to fit any need. No matter if you have a simple blog or a high-traffic corporate website, WordPress is for you! Although our team is versed in a wide variety of content management systems, WordPress is one of our favorites. We build feature-rich, highly-dynamic websites that focus on brand differentiation and engagement.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for good reason, it boasts the largest support community of developers and engineers – who focus on delivering a rock-solid platform. WordPress is powerful, intuitive and reliably made for today’s web. The administrative system of WordPress is user-friendly, intuitive and reliable.

If you have kiddos, check out our work on Dinosaur Facts for Kids.

Palm Harbor Graphic Design

Palm Harbor Web Design is an award-winning graphic design company – specializing in custom graphic design services created and tailored to your specific needs. Professionally designed marketing materials, logos, brochures, annual reports, signage and pretty much any other medium you can think of. Whether you’re a start-up company or a large corporation, we work with each client one on one to give you the professional attention you deserve and the quality you expect.

We design, create, build and renew compelling visual communications programs that engage audiences, linger in the memory and authentically represent your business’s distinct personality.

Letterhead, business cards, brochures, catalogs, posters – anything that your company uses as a sales tool – Palm Harbor Web Design can create it. Whether you want a matchbook cover, a website, a billboard or one of the countless solutions in-between, we can provide an exceptional graphic design that will get noticed and get customers.


We offer affordable web & graphic design packages to advertise your local business. Prices begin at $3995.00 and increase due to premium WordPress themes or plugins.

Once our web designers complete their task and the client approves their concepts. Each website is handed over to our local SEO specialists for 100% SEO Optimization. This will ensure your brand new website is ready to compete for top Google rankings! But remember: SEO is never to be considered as an overnight achievement!

Still not sure? Try our Starter SEO campaign before you commit to a full subscription. We always provide before and after reports to prove the value of Angelik Web Design. Don’t delay! Get started today and let’s reach the first page of Google and Bing!


Check out some of our most recent Customer Reviews for insight into working with us. Contact us today for assistance and to discuss your projects with our web designers.